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VUBU © steril container systems

The VUBU © sterilisation container systems allow you a systematic organisation of your entire instrument sterilisation. The comfortable handling and diversity of our 1/1 steril containers gives you safety and control for your instrument sterilisation. Storage, transportation and disposal are perfectly organised with our 3/4 steril containers. Our sterilisation container systems are conform to the international standard requirements. VUBU © sterilisation containers are made of anodised aluminium, have minimum weight and excellent drying properties. Colour-coded lids and identification labels enable you precise controlling of your instrument sterilisation. Any changes or adjustments in your requirements are no problem due to our extensive range of products. We also offer 1/2 steril containers and wire baskets and special containers for Implants and optics like endoscopes and dental instruments.

1/1 Steril Container and Wire Baskets
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1/2 Container and Wire Baskets
Special containers, trommel and cassettes
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A sterilizer is a device for killing pathogens such as bacteria (sterilization), usually by heating under pressure and with the use of steam. These devices are called steam sterilizer or autoclave as. Such devices are mainly used in medicine to sterilize surgical instruments and other instruments or disinfect. They are employed in biotechnology for the sterilization of liquid media or glassware. For steam sterilization autoclave with the standard procedures of the German Pharmacopoeia writes a temperature of at least 121 ° C at 1 bar pressure (= 2 bar abs.) For 20 minutes before. Accessible, especially for glass units without liquids and instruments, also programs with 134 ° C at 3 bar are. [1] In the hot air sterilization, ie sterilization with dry heat, higher temperatures of about 180 ° C to 250 ° C and a sterilization time is necessary minimum of 30 minutes. In general, the heat is kept for several hours. Be sterilized with these devices preparation kits and sometimes smaller glass unit without plastic components. Hot air sterilizers are easier to use (no pressure build-up and no evaporation of the water), and therefore the management costs are lower as a result. The result difference between sterilization and disinfection is achieved through different exposure times and temperatures of the sterilizing medium (pressure steam) for sterilization. In order to secure the achieved result (sterility), the sterilizing goods are wrapped for sterilization of vapor-permeable packaging. To ensure the reliability of the equipment and the success of sterilization, periodic testing (TÜV) and depending on the device running functional tests are prescribed as by Spondistreifen, Erdsporenproben or a Bowie-Dick test. Thermolabile sterilized are sterilized by low temperature sterilization processes. This includes such. As the LTSF process (low-temperature steam with formaldehyde), which operates at a sterilization temperature of 50-78 ° C at a sterilization time of 30-120 minutes.