3/4 Container and Wire Baskets

3/4 Container Standard Model
3/4 Container Safety Model
3/4 Wire baskets and accessories
3/4 Container and Wire Baskets

3/4 container dimensions: 465mm length x 280mm wide - 100 bis 150mm height

We offer our 1/1 container models as the original standard model and of course as new safety model. You also can get individually compiled accessories for both models. The new VUBU® container models with filter are provided with a longer handle, which guarantees an easy and safe manipulation. The silicone tube around the handle protects against burning and sliding. The closures of these containers are furnished with a feather system that insures a stable closing and cancels the overpressure that is formed within the container. The filter retainer is locked by pressing down in center of the filter. The opening of the filter retainer succeeds by pressing the plate. The tag holders of the container models with filter enable a transparent and clear traceability of the sterile instruments. As alternative to our sterilisation container with filter we offer you safe sterilisation, storage and transport of the surgical instruments also with our new containers with a valve system. In case of a pressure differencet opens the valve due to a spring mechanism and by this the steam penetrates, respectively escaping the container. When the pressure has been equalised, the discs of the valve are pushed against each other and thus remaining the mechanism closed.