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Surgical Probes

Our probes, in particular knob probes are used in the examination of inaccessible parts of the body. Wound probes are used specifically to probe wound cavities or fistula channels to assess their depth and direction, or to locate foreign bodies. Spatulas, however, are used to take a swab sample. The sample is examined in more detail later in the laboratory. Other instruments in this category are: cysts hooks, forceps, vascular gonorrhea, hollow probes, and varicose veins utensils.

Customer information for the use of dental probes

In dentistry, a probe is an instrument for examining teeth and gums. It is part of the basic dental instrument set, which is usually freshly applied by the dental specialist before starting treatment for each patient. A distinction is first made between probes for examining hard tissue and probes for examining the gingiva (periodontal probes). In addition, dental probes are used in dental technology.

Blunt button probes, for example the Bowman button probe, which he originally developed as a tear duct probe, are used to probe a fistula duct of a tooth fistula. A mouth-antrum connection (MAV), the opening of the maxillary sinus after the tooth extraction of a molar in the upper jaw, can also be diagnosed with this.

The Miller needle is a probe that is used in dentistry to find and probe root canals.