Suture Passer

Suture Passer

The Raptor Suture Passer was specially developed to restore the rotor cuff.

The Raptor Suture Passer is equipped with a needle that allows you to guide the suture optimally. In addition you can easily pierce the rotor cuff. The suture can then simple be retrieved by using the integrated retrieval mechanism.

Step 1:
Close the jaws and insert the Raptor Suture Passer needle (disposable) proximally into the shaft. When the needle is fully loaded, you can anchor the needle end in the handle of the Raptor Suture Passer.
Make sure that the needle holder engages correctly in the handle.
In this position, optimum force transmission between needle and instrument is ensured.

Step 2:
Load the suture into the loading slot which is located in the center of the lower jaw and pull the suture into the maximum latching position towards the proximal jaw end.
Once you have reached the optimum loading position, the suture is clamped in a specially designed groove.

Step 3:
After the Nat material is loaded, close the jaws and guide the Raptor Suture Passer to its place of use. If using arthroscopic surgical techniques, use at least a 7,0 mm cannula. Grasp the tissue to be pierced at the desired location. Then close the mouths again and pierce the tissue by activating the palm-lever.

Step 4:
After you have successfully punctured the tissue, a loop is formed over the holding flap with a height of approx. 10 mm. Now relax both handles. The previously created loop can now either be gripped by other instruments or you guide the instrument out of the body with closed jaws

Step 5:
After completion of the surgery immediately remove and discard the disposable needle. Do not attempt to re-process the needle.