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Plastic Surgery Instruments
The field of plastic surgery gives you the opportunity to operate on plainly visible body parts. VUBU-Medical offers most special instruments for Liposuction, Breasts (augmentation, reduction or modeling), Face lifting, and Rhinoplasty. We provide beauty clinics, and plastic surgeons with a big range of plastic surgical instruments. Our attention is focused on the aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Our instruments meet the top quality standards with DIN ISO EN 13495:2003 and DIN ISO 9001.



Breast - Dissectors - Elevators
Breast markers and measuring calipers
Breast Spatula - Tongue Depressors
Liposuction - cannulas and handles
Nasal Retractors - Thimble hooks - Bear claws
Nasal Rasps - Nasal Osteotomes - Cartilage crusher
Rhytidectomy Scissors
Mammoplasty - Breast Retractors - Style Retractors
Retractors for plastic surgery
Endo Dissectors
Nasal Specula

Overview of the use and description of our instruments for plastic surgery:

Breast Dissectors and Breast Lifters

Breast dissectors are called atraumatic instruments and are used in breast augmentation. Due to the particularly rounded nature of our breast dissectors, no tissue is injured and the bleeding that occurs is minimal. The implant can thus be inserted and positioned immediately during preparation. There is no risk for the patient that the implant is damaged by the breast dissector. A breast elevator is also known as a dissector, which lifts the inner tissue of the breast during preparation by the cosmetic surgeon. The spatula-shaped breast elevators are particularly suitable here.

Breast markers, calipers and calipers

Areola breast markers are used for breast enlargement and reduction. The cosmetic surgeon uses an Areola marker before the actual operation and attaches it to the nipple, thereby marking the natural center of the breast. This helps to align the implant in the middle during the later operation. Numerous other instruments such as the Castroviejo measuring circle and the Jameson caliper help the surgeon align both breasts horizontally and vertically. In order to achieve an excellent overall result, the cosmetic surgeon orients itself on the markings he has previously drawn.

Breast spatula and tongue depressor

Breast spatulas and tongue depressors according to WIEDER are helpful plastic surgery instruments in breast augmentation. The semi-rigid breast spatulas are slightly flexible and allow the breast tissue to be lifted. The Zugenspatel, on the other hand, have a light guide and a suction pipe depending on the model. This enables the cosmetic surgeon to look under the raised breast tissue and at the same time suck blood.

Liposuction cannulas and liposuction handles in cosmetic surgery

Liposuction cannulas are used in aesthetic surgery for liposuction. The long cannulas are preferred for the abdomen and hips. The short and narrow liposuction cannulas are ideal for history and limbs. By connecting to a suction pump, a continuous suction is generated, which directs the fat-water tissue through the liposuction cannula via a hose into a collecting container. The advantage of this liposuction method is that it is particularly precise and gentle on the tissue.

Nose hook and thumb hook

Converse nose hooks are used especially in reconstructive rhinology. The hooks have a light guide so that the cosmetic surgeon can look into the nose during preparation. Various auxiliary instruments such as Freeman thumb hooks also help the surgeon to keep an overview when storing instruments and swabs. Anderson bear claws, on the other hand, are sharp retractors that can grip and stretch larger skin flaps like the scalp.

Nasal rasps and nasal chisels for reconstructive surgery

Fomon rasps and nasal chisels according to Silver are used to shape the nasal bone in the desired shape. The cosmetic surgeon can remove larger bumps of the nasal bone with the nasal chisel. With the rasp, on the other hand, he grinds the bone into the appropriate aesthetic shape. There are a total of five figures with rasp teeth of different sizes from fine to coarse.

Rhytidectomy scissors

Rhytidectomy scissors according to Freeman, Gorney and Caplan are special scissors that are used in aesthetic surgery to remove wrinkles in the neck and face area. With the help of a scalpel, excess fat can be removed. All Rhytidectomy scissors are equipped with a hard metal insert in the cutting edge. This guarantees enormous precision, sharpness and durability of the scissors.

Style wound hook for mammoplasty (breast enlargement)

Tebbetts and Ferriera style retractors are mammoplastic instruments. They are used in breast surgery, especially for breast enlargement. Style retractors have a cold light guide for connection to a light source and an optional suction tube with hose connection. The former is compatible with Storz, Wolf and Olympus via our adapter, which is connected to your fiber optic cable. The Tebbetts retractors have a serrated mouth to anchor the retractor in the tissue. Ferriera wound hooks are smooth on the mouth.

Retractors, retractors and skin hooks

Particularly large skin flaps are pulled apart or pulled together with retractors and retractors. Freeman , Gorney wound hooks or Joseph skin hooks are ideal for plastic surgery for tummy tuck and facial tightening.