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Handle connection Liposuction - cannulas

Liposuction cannulas with a gold-plated handle are used for liposuction in aesthetic surgery. The long cannulas are preferred for the abdomen and hips. The short and narrow liposuction cannulas with a handle attachment are ideal for history and limbs. A continuous suction is generated by the hose connection to a suction pump, which leads the fat-water tissue through the liposuction cannula via a hose into a collecting container. The advantage of this liposuction method is that it is particularly precise and gentle on the tissue. The liposuction cannulas with handle attachment can also be used for direct fat injection. The cannulas with gold handles are not disposable, but reusable and can of course be reprocessed and sterilized.

Please note that cannulas and handles are production items that are produced for you after you have placed your order. These cannot be canceled or returned.