Enteretomy-Lobectomy-Cartilage scissors in surgical quality buy cheap online from the world capital of medical technology Tuttlingen

Enteretomy-Lobectomy-Cartilage scissors

Lung lobe scissors according to Crafoord and Finochietto are very long scissors with their 27 cm and 30 cm length. They are bent up frontally and, depending on the area of application, are blunt or pointed.

Bowel scissors have a button-shaped rounding at the tip of the leaf. This enables the intestinal wall to be raised so that it can then be cut. The intestinal scissors are very powerful models.

Cartilage or cartilage scissors according to Mc Indoe are serrated and designed to cut through cartilage and other types of connective and support tissue.

The anatomical scissors according to Potts-Smith are powerful scissors that are blunt and slightly curved. It has rounded edges and cannot damage the surrounding tissue.

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